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BIDittle [bi-DIT-tle] is a game to enjoy with children, grandchildren, friends and neighbors to teach bidding and trick-taking concepts in a game that moves quickly. Not only is BIDittle fun... it's a great way for you to introduce basic Bridge fundamentals.
The Bridge to BRIDGE
Hands-On Factor The colorful game board and pyramid pawns help players keep track of the bidding auction and the game contract. Bidding boxes on a board!
Nice Number of Cards Players play with 7 cards per hand. The cards are easy to hold and the play of the game moves quickly - great for beginners.
Bidding Language Based on high card points, the BIDittle bidding guidelines make it easy for new players to bid quickly and confidently.
Easy Scoring Points are earned based on the number of tricks declared during the bidding auction.
How It's Played
Players team with a partner to win points. Using a simple bidding formula partners bid the number of tricks the team intends to win and the suit the player wants to define as trump.
The team that wins the bid earns points by taking enough tricks to make the contract. Defending partners earn points by defeating the contract. Play of the hand is like the classic bridge hand.
Watch out for the DOUBLE bid! If the defenders prevent the team from making the contract, the defenders get double points!
For 2-4 players ages 10 to adult
Package contents: One deck of BIDittle playing cards, BIDittle game board, pegable pawns, one score pad, and instruction booklets