Biggest Little Bridge Book: Play And Defense In Suit Contracts

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Author: Jim Becker

Back in the early sixties, The Card School, run by Edgar Kaplan, Jim Becker and others published a bridge book written in concise form to answer bridge questions that commonly arose. Jim Becker updated the book in the early eighties, rewriting many of the chapters and modernizing the text.

This book provides, in very concise form, most of the answers to your questions as you advance in your knowledge of the game. The mastery of the fundamentals is, and continues to be, of first rate importance for all bridge players.

    The book includes:
  • Importance of Trick One
  • Counting Losers
  • Trumping Losers in Dummy
  • The Double Finesse
  • Eight Ever Nine Never
  • Percentages
  • Scoring
  • Chicago Scoring
  • and much more

Paperback: 55 pages: 1999