Club Special- Case + 36 Cards + 36 Imperial Boards

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$174.00 - $219.00
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All-Plastic ACBL Cards are on backorder until approximately late March 2024


Special Price- - for 36 Imperial Boards, 36 decks of Cards in assorted colors and the Carrying Case

Imperial Duplicate Boards:

The Imperial- Plus duplicate boards have been re- designed with hinged tops to work with any dealing machine or they can be easily loaded by hand. These boards have the same bright, readable markings that have made Imperial boards the most popular boards in the world. They are available in nine irresistible colors. Imperial-Plus boards come with the labels already affixed. Size 4" x 10- 1/4"

Carrying Case for the Imperial Boards:

Holds 36 duplicate boards with room to spare for additional supplies. Measurements- outside: 19.5" L x 14.5" W x 5" D. Measurements- inside: 18"L x 12" W x 4- 1/2" D.

These boards do not come with dealing machine barcode stickers affixed. You can purchase them here.

This is a special price- No further discount.