Deal Records for Five Tips to Simplify Defense: Holding the Weakest Hand at the Table

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Deal Records for Weakest Hand. This is not the actual book. More about the Bridge Guide:

For years, bridge players have complained about getting weak hands. With this Bridge Guide, you’ll see the power that lies behind a hand full of little cards. You need a few defensive tools; it starts with knowing the opening lead guidelines and then moves on to ways of using signals to maximize the trick-taking potential of a deal. You’ll also be introduced to additional defensive bridge maxims.

The format of the book is designed to make the best use of your time. The essential ideas are summarized in Bookmark form on the front and back covers. The odds are excellent that you’ll enjoy the game more as a result of having this information at your finger tips.

This first guide in the Defense Series focuses on defending when holding the weakest hand at the table. Part One of the Guide is a closer look, in turn, at each of the Tips to Simplify Defense. Part Two presents sixteen carefully selected deals that progress in difficulty until you reach deals fifteen and sixteen that show how experts defend. We’re confident that you will be comfortable with the journey on Defense.

Audrey Grant has an international reputation in the fi eld of bridge education. Her vision and commitment have been key to the success of the Audrey Grant Better Bridge series of books, TV shows, lectures, software, the Better Bridge magazine and the Online Interactive Daily Bridge Column. She works with the game’s best theorists to make sure the material is current and of the highest quality. Grant has received many awards for the quality of her material and was recently inducted into the Bridge Hall of Fame. 

David Lindop is an integral part of the Audrey Grant Better Bridge products, and is essential to their success. He is a popular writer and an expert who competes regularly in world championships. David is an active member of the bridge community holding the record for chairing the second-largest bridge tournament in the world, attracting more than 22,000 tables in play.