Declarer Play: Break Out of the Pack

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The key to good declarer play is to make use of information not only from the bidding, but also from the play of the early tricks, especially the first one or two. This involves knowing how many rounds of each suit are likely to be played; how many of those are likely to be won or lost; whether the tricks lost will be to East or West--in this book, declarer is South--and whether that matters; and probabilities of how suits will break and of both the potential and certain winners being in East or West hands. A lot to keep track of! This book will help intermediate-level players focus on what is relevant, with over 80 illustrative hands, including 56 problems in declarer play for the reader to work out him- or herself. (Don't worry: solutions are provided.) For each example, I shall explain how the above principles apply to the play of each hand, to arrive at the right play at the crucial moment(s), at speeds acceptable at the table. When you can do this, you are well on your way to being at the top of your game and on top of your opponents!


2020; 146 pages; Paperback.