Defense Lessons

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The art of taking your tricks on defense. Have you ever wondered how good defenders do it? Defense is the mystery area of bridge. It is said that players learn to defend, if they do at all, much later than they learn to bid and play. What secrets do experts know that you should know? Where do they get their information? Defense has overone hundred hands showing you exactly how good defenders take their tricks and why.


Using this software is like playing with Mike Lawrence sitting at your shoulder. He asks you leading questions and then shows you how to answer them and how to use the information. An easy way to learn this terrific game.


Operating System Requirements:&nbsp Windows 95 or better/ Vista &amp 7 (32 &amp 64 bit), 3MB free hard disk space, CD-Rom drive.&nbsp

If you have 64-Bit VISTA or Windows 7, you can follow this link if you have any problems with this CD not working