Duplicate Cards (Single Deck)

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Enhance your bridge playing experience with our Duplicate Cards - Single Deck. Play like the pros with pre-dealt hands and compare your scores to others. Enjoy hours of fun and competition in the comfort of your own home. Choose from 12 decks of 48 deals and experience the excitement of a real bridge competition.

If you would like to purchase a bundle of three decks, click here.

Play bridge with your friends using Duplicate Cards. Compare your score to others, exactly as at the bridge club or larger tournaments.

  • The deals have been played in real tournaments and the results there will determine the score you get on each deal
  • A set of Duplicate Cards contains a deck of playing cards with 48 pre-dealt hands and a booklet with scores
  • You'll find it quick and easy to set up your home game. Duplicate Cards will provide you with many hours of fun and enjoyment as you play a real bridge competition in the comfort of your own home.
  • There are 12 decks of 48 deals available and a 13th deck based only on SLAM hands!

The benefits of at home duplicate cards... Eliminate the luck of the deal

  • Compare scores with players of all levels who have played the same deal
  • Score your game using matchpoints, and get your score immediately after the deal
  • Read the commentary on each deal and compare your own bidding and play
  • Play as many or as few deals as you want, all at your own pace