Bridge Flash Cards - The Standard Plays of Card Combinations - The Plays Every Bridge Player Must Know…

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When should you cover an honor? Play second hand high? Play third hand low?
These questions and many more are answered in this flashcard set, The Standard Plays of Card Combinations. These 131 flashcards are designed to address the most common questions encountered after a contract is made. Becoming familiar with card combinations will improve your play immensely. The front of each card gives a card combination and the reverse side gives the correct line of play and reasons why. These cards feature both defender and declarer play.
These cards were created by Alan Truscott, a British-American bridge player, who has written 13 books and wrote for the daily New York Times bridge column for 41 years.
131 Flashcards Box 8.5in W x 3.75in L x 1.5in D Copyright 2001 Revised 2018