Hein Two-Suited System

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My HEIN TWO-SUITED system (HTS) “Partnership Bidding Agreements” (PBA) gives you a sound PBA. With the bidding you will find partners holdings within 1 HCP and within 1 card in distribution every time. All the hands you hold will fit within my PBA one way or another. 100% of the time.

 I designed my PBA, using the most common conventional bids in the simple’s way in using only your HCP to place you into one of my three groups of biddings. These three groups (combine your HCP with your distribution) to give you my sound PBA. No need for you to add HCP for (Length – Singletons – Voids). All of my treatments of my PBA are following the same format throughout, for your ease of remembrances.

 Your passed hands (1st./2nd. Chair) will place you within group one and then you advance into my group four. I call this convention (S.N.A.P.)   Strong. NT. After. Passing.  I believe all players should be playing my SNAP convention as it fits well with all PBA. I include the simple raise as well as the responsive bids of 1H and 1 S. with the same meaning as the 1 Nt. bid.

 I devoted 85% of this book to bridge bidding with a touch of declarer play as well as defensive play. You need to be in the correct contract and at the correct level 100% of the time. I have designed just that.

I have more than 425 deals/hands/evaluations to give you the ability to know where your deal belongs as to a final contract by you and or your opponents and what the bid will be when it gets back to you, all before, you take your first bid. If not then for sure after the first round of bidding. My groups of biddings will give you a PBA to achieve this goal. I do not consider myself an expert, but I give you 70+- years of my ALPHA and OMEGA of experiences.


All the above I have accomplished with no made up deals, but with the deals that others have played in duplicate game of various places and levels. The players are holding 1,000 to over 10,000 MP. You will see their results vs. my PBA as well as being able to use your own PBA to end up in the correct contract and at the correct level 100% of the time.

You and your partner will be bidding only your own hands and from the bidding there will be only one holding for your partner to have as well as yourself.

The remaining 15% if the book is how I learned to play (Whist and Bridge) as well as the life growing up in a small town, farming community from the late 1800s to today. You too may use my methods of learning to perfect your PBA.

The more I read this book the more I like it. And so will