Illimat (Second Edition)

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The Second Edition of Illimat

Illimat second edition comes with a change in the type of card stock used in the playing cards, a new Okus token that replaces the Boat token, and several changes in the rules.

Here are the rules changes for the Second Edition (from the makers themselves)

If you have played Illimat with some regularity, chances are your playing card deck looks something like ours. A five suited deck of lovingly worn cards - except for the almost pristine stars suit glaring back at you. 

This is, of course, because in the first edition rules of Illimat the stars suit is only used in four player games; and for many of us, Illimat is a two player staple. 

Friends, it's time for the star suits to shine. Starting in Illimat second edition (available in February 2023) the official rules of Illimat are that the stars suit is always in play. Yes, even for solo play. 

Why did we make this change? The original design intent of the star suit was to lengthen the game and add little more strategic choices in a four player game. What we've heard from players is that adding the fifth suit for two or three players  is beneficial for them as well. The additional play time is offset by the increased amount of choices and opportunities to change seasons.

We've added five more minutes to the playtime estimate on the box because of this change, and it's one less thing new players have to think about when they are setting up the game for the first time. 

As an extra bonus, the illustrations Carson Ellis did on the star suit are among my very favorites and I'm glad they will see more play. I mean, check out the beard on the King of Stars. Epic!



Illimat has the style and flavor of a classic card game with a dynamic twist. As you play, you combine cards and collect them, trying to gather more than your opponents. But hidden luminaries and changing seasons can alter your plans.  

  • If you've ever enjoyed hearts, bridge, or gin illimat will feel both familiar and like nothing you've played before.
  • Designed by Keith Baker in partnership with the band The decemberists. Illustrator Carson Ellis.
  • For 2-4 players. 20-50 minute playing time. Ages 12+
  • Easy to learn, dynamic, and just a little bit addictive
  • Llimat has the style and flavor of a classic card game with a dynamic twist

What’s in the Box

  • A 24” x 24” cloth board
  • 65-card linen finish deck
  • 5 suited deck of linen finish cards
  • 8 Tarot sized luminary cards
  • 4 metal Okus tokens
  • 4 glass point counters
  • Cloth storage pouch
  • Full color instruction booklet



Each field has a season, and this determines what actions can be taken in that field. Anything is possible in Summer, but you cannot sow in Autumn, harvest in Winter, or stockpile in Spring. The seasons change when the Illimat turns, creating new opportunities for each player. 



Luminaries are hidden cards that can exert influence over a field. You never know what Luminary will appear when you clear a field... will the Rake steal your cards, or will be Maiden negate the power of winter?  Luminaries add color and complexity to every game of Illimat.