Matchpoints- 2nd Edition

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Author: Kit Woolsey Matchpoints, originally published in 1982, is one of the absolute classic bridge books. Kit discusses every aspect of bridge -- constructive bidding, competitive bidding, declarer play, defense -- from the perspective of matchpoint expectation: how many matchpoints will I win if I am right, and how many matchpoints will I lose if I am wrong? Even veteran matchpoint players will take a lot away from Matchpoints. As Mike Lawrence said in his foreword to the original edition, "I've certainly played my share of matchpoints and I feel secure that I am familiar with most strategies. Nonetheless, as I read Matchpoints I discovered a number of concepts which I had not fully appreciated and I found another group of concepts which had not really been crystallized in my mind."
Bidding has changed a lot since 1982, and the new edition has been updated to a modern 2/1 framework. Other than changes needed because of modernized bidding, almost none of the text needed to be changed. Bidding systems evolve, but the basic strategies of matchpoints do not, and the strategies outlined in Matchpoints are as useful today as they were in 1982.
Intermediate to Advanced
Paperback: 364 pages: 2015