Method Bridge

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This is a revolutionary book about how to use shapes to play a better game of bridge. The author, a world bridge champion and playwright, applies Method acting techniques to help the reader picture the shapes of suits around the table and avoid counting cards. By visualizing shapes, the bridge player has an easier time remembering the cards that have been played.


Method Bridge by Matt Granovetter is an innovative approach to mastering the game of bridge by integrating Method acting techniques and visualization of card suit shapes. This revolutionary guide, penned by a multifaceted world champion bridge player and acclaimed author, aims to transform your card game without the need for counting cards. By focusing on the shapes of suits, players can effortlessly remember the cards that have been played and significantly enhance their gameplay. This book, with its pioneering perspective, is a powerful tool for anyone looking to elevate their bridge game, offering a fusion of creativity, strategy, and memory enhancement.


Matt Granovetter is a world champion bridge player, an actor, musician, poet, and author of more than 20 bridge books.


Published in 2023


384 pages