My Favorite 52

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Collected over the past 25 years, Larry shows you his favorite 52 hands. Each hand is illustrated bid-by-bid and play-by-play with interactive quizzes along the way. Sometimes Larry his the hero, sometimes the goat. You can try to avoid the errors Larry made at the table. The narrative is light and entertaining, but there is a wealth to be learned with each deal.

This software has state of the art graphics and has been designed to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Everything on the screen is " over-sized" to help those with vision problems. The user can customize the screen colors and various aspects of how bridge hands are displayed. There is extensive online help.

Larry Cohen is one of the most successful pairs players of this century. He is also one of the finest bridge teachers today. He has an easy going friendly manner and he is not afraid to show his mistakes and bad results.

Fred Gitelman, the program's developer, has represented Canada in International Tournaments. He has won three Silver Medals in World Championship events. Fred is considered one of the top bridge programmers in the world. Thousands of bridge players from all over the world have found Fred's bridge software products to provide countless hours of effective and enjoyable learning.

System requirements: IBM compatible computer, Windows 95 or better, 3 MB free hard disk space, CD ROM drive, at least 800x600 screen resolution.