Placing the Cards

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The second book in Danny Roth’s intermediate-level series on declarer play, this book covers topics that, once mastered, will bring any intermediate player an immediate improvement in their scores. Topics include: placing the cards missing one honor, missing two honors, missing three honors, inferences from the defense and second-degree assumption. This book is designed to help you to get a more accurate picture of the unseen hands and thus avoid ‘wild guessing’; or, at least, improve your chances of avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

As always, the author’s clear exposition of his points is followed by a collection of quiz problems where the reader can test their understanding of this new-found knowledge.


"Placing the Cards" by Danny Roth is an essential read for intermediate bridge players seeking to refine their game and avoid common errors. The book delves into strategic aspects of playing bridge without complete information, focusing on scenarios like missing one, two, or three honor cards, making inferences from defense plays, and employing second-degree assumptions. With Roth's clear and insightful guidance, readers can enhance their decision-making skills and reduce reliance on guesswork. Each chapter builds upon the next, culminating in a series of quizzes that let readers test their newly acquired strategies against realistic bridge problems. Published by Master Point Press in 2024, this 186-page guide is a must-have for players aiming to transform their understanding of the game.




186 pages

ISBN: 978-1-77140-085-5