Play With Larry Cohen- Day 2

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This is a new and exciting product released in 2000. It takes the user through 52 deals of the Life Master Pairs bid-by-bid and play-by-play with Larry's "over-my- shoulder" narrative. Suitable for most levels of players -- the commentary ranges from simple to advanced -- depending on the difficulty of each particular deal. The user takes one hand on each deal and gets to make interactive decisions. After making each choice he reads Larry's comments as he navigates through every deal. There are hundreds of lessons to be learned in these 52 deals -- any serious player will derive tremendous benefit. Traditional teaching usually focuses on 1or 2 main themes. The reader/student is expecting a certain type of problem. This does not prepare players for the real world.

No "alarm bells" sound on an actual deal to warn you of the upcoming problem. In this program the user is placed right at the table and has to make hundreds of "live" decisions without any clue as to what is coming! How can there be a better way to learn?

IBM compatible computer, Windows 95 or better, 3 MB free hard
disk space, CD ROM drive.