Playbridgedealer4 Dealing Machine- Plus

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PlayBridgeDealer 4 is the choice of the two largest bridge organizations in the world, namely the Dutch Bridge Federation and the ACBL but it is also widely used by clubs and teaching groups, both small and large, all of whom are looking for reliability and operational efficiency. However, PlayBridgeDealer 4 is far more than a card dealing machine, it is the key to the new World of Bridge.

About PlayBridgeDealer 4+

Things just got better!

The latest machine does not need to be connected to a computer during the dealing process. It offers all of the features below and has its own built-in memory and touch screen operational panel. This offers those who don't have a fixed base for their machines greater ease of mobility, handling and operational set up. The dealing data is just plugged in, using a standard flashdrive and away you go.Highlights

  • Read the face of standard playing cards (regular and jumbo print)
  • Engineered for reliability, speed and accuracy
  • Deals a random deck in just 5.5 seconds
  • Produces hand records with Deep finesse analysis
  • Produces basic hand records for either print or show on the club's website
  • Accepts dealing data from other sources, such as Deal Master Pro and ACBL
  • Reading hand shuffled decks rather than computer generated hands (simulates hand dealing)
  • The cards do not need to be in order to use the machine,just take them out of the played boards.
  • Offers the choice of two double dummy analyzers.
  • Serves the visually impaired players by dealing Jumbo print or even Braille cards.

Technical Specifications:

  • Compatible with Windows XP/Windows/Vista/7/8/10 or higher
  • Supports BRI,BGE,BRE,DUP and PBN file formats,enabling users to draw on external sources of dealing data and/or generation.
  • Constructed to provide long and reliable operation, with a stainless steel chassis, direct drive brushless motors, powerful 200MHz DSP processor and full control of card movement to eliminate the production of inaccurate boards.
  • The Optical Card Recognition System (OCRS), removing the need for expensive bar-coded or specially marked cards. The OCRS uses a video camera and a DSP processor to analyze the image of a card (number and suit), prior to directing it to the correct dealing gate.
  • Primarily designed to be used with plastic Dealing Boards and whilst we recommend the use of these boards as the simplest and fastest way of preparing boards, we are aware the many clubs have stocks of usable closed boards or wallets. Due to this and the unique design of PlayBridgeDealer4, we provide a special Acrylic Insert (platform) to use in place of the opening board, allowing manual transfer to wallets or closed board.
  • Comes with Windows compatible software. The software controls the machine and allows board information generation, storing and printing.
  • Comes with eight sets (#1-48) labels for duplicate boards. Keep this in mind when ordering.
  • The PlayBridgeDealer4 software can also read various file formats providing easy interface to third party Bridge Dealing/Analyzing software like DealMaster Pro and downloadable dealing data.
  • Time of dealing 1 board: - 5.5 seconds
  • Dealing capability: - 250 boards per hour
  • Card dimensions: - 2.25" x 3.5"
  • Dimension: - 15 inches x 7 inches x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: - 17 lbs
  • Power usage: - average during dealing - 20W, max - 57W
  • Power supply: - input (mains) 100-240V 50-60Hz, - output (machine connection) 19V/3ADC
  • Manufacturers Warranty: If you maintain the machine as outlined in the Maintenance Manual, any necessary repairs that may occur within 5 years of the date of purchase or 50,000 deals, whichever comes first, they will be handled by the manufacturer. See Manufacturers Maintenance Manual or website for further information and exclusions.
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