Pocket Guide To 2/1

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Author: Paul Thurston
A handy guide to the differences between 2/1 and standard! Do you know whether a 2/1 response is always game-forcing? Are you sure that a reverse by opener promises extra value after a 2/1 response? Can you always remember the right rebids over a Forcing 1NT? If you answered 'No' to any of these questions, this is the book you need! Whether you are just starting out to play 2/1, or simply want to remind yourself of the fine points, you will find the answers to your questions here, carefully explained and illustrated. This book is a concise but complete description of 2/1, today's most popular 5-card major natural bidding system. The contents are based on Thurston's 25 Steps to Learning 2/1, which was the American Bridge Teachers Association Book of the Year in 2003.
64 pages