Private Bridge Lessons Vol.2

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Like Counting at Bridge, Private Bridge Lessons teaches you how to be a winner. Throughout these 100 hands, you have an expert available for consultation at nearly every step. As you go through each problem, Mike Lawrence is right there helping you make bidding decisions and honing your judgment. The topics are:


  • Squeezes
  • Endplays
  • Counting
  • Percentage Plays
  • Entries
  • Safety Plays
  • and Mystery Hands


"The program does what Mike Lawrence accomplished so successfully in his many books--he teaches good bridge in a way that is easy to understand. You start to think, ("NOW I see. NOW I get it!"). If you're an intermediate player, you can't do better than this outstanding software." ---- ACBL Bulletin

Operating System Requirements:&nbsp Windows 95 up to XP (32 &amp 64 bit), 3MB free hard disk space, CD-Rom drive.&nbsp

If you have 64-Bit VISTA or Windows 7, you can follow this link if you have any problems with this CD not working