Secrets Of Accurate Hand Evaluation- Audio Lesson

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Approximate running time: 110 minutes.
Marty's audio visual format significantly enhances your learning experience:

  • The combination of voice and visual effects makes it easier to understand what Marty is teaching.
  • The lesson is interactive, so students "learn by doing."
  • You can proceed at your own pace.
  • You can play and replay all or some of the lesson whenever you choose as many times as you like.
  • The lesson includes a written transcript for you to study. The transcript format has been improved for increased readability.
    Click here for an example transcript.
  • The lesson contains several hours of extensive material.
  • The lesson is designed to work on most popular computers and browsers, including Windows, Mac, and iPad.

Although everyone can improve their declarer play and defense, it's not easy to make huge improvements in these areas. When it comes to card play, great players are born not made.
However, regardless of how well you play, every player can greatly improve their bidding. As long as you have access to sound advice and are open-minded, you can make great strides.
In order to do so, you must learn how to figure out the TRUE VALUE of your hand. You can learn to do this, but you first need to be willing to not be overly dependent on point-count.
The topics Marty will cover include:

  • The 9 key factors in determining the true value of your hand
  • How to KNOW if your hand is upgradable, downgradable, or OK as is
  • The true value of honor cards
  • Why "Location, location, location" is so crucial
  • The great importance of your distribution in your 3 shortest suits.
  • The true value of a 7-card suit
  • Tips on how to get the most out of the Rule of 20
  • How to improve your results with notrump opening bids
  • When you should think twice about preempting with a 7-card suit
  • What hand-types scream for aggressive bidding

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