Teacher's Manual for Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction (Free PDF Download)

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The Teacher's Manual for Bridge Basics 1 by Audrey Grant, an acclaimed resource recognized with the 2003 Beginner-Intermediate ABTA Book Award. This comprehensive manual is a treasure trove for educators and enthusiasts alike, starting from the very roots of bridge, exploring its rich history, and delving into the game's core components: bidding, play, and defense.

Crafted with input from top bridge champions, the "Bridge Basics 1 Teacher's Manual" stands out for its current, accurate insights and user-friendly approach. Its clear, systematic presentation seamlessly guides readers through each aspect of the game. The manual includes 32 meticulously prepared deals, offering practical opportunities to apply and practice the concepts learned. Whether you're a novice instructor or a seasoned player, this manual, available as a totally free PDF download, is your gateway to mastering the fundamentals of bridge.

Free PDF Download