Test Your Bridge Analysis Against the Experts

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In this latest book on hands that were played by experts and reported by expert writers, Roth presents 70 hands on play, defense, and opening leads where the play (using teams' IMP scoring throughout) or analysis or both were less than expert. Roth takes the reader through the bidding and early play, up to the critical point--or, in the interest of reality--sometimes short of or past it, challenging the reader to figure out what that critical point is. Roth's thorough discussion of each hand then takes the reader through how the play or analysis, even when it met with a successful result, could have been improved to ensure the best possible chances for success. Roth's goal throughout is to help the reader enjoy the problems and benefit by making mistakes away from the table, when it does not matter, rather than during actual play, when it does.


Paperback ; 160 pages