The Complete Win At Whist

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Authors: Joseph Andrews
The Complete Win at Whist - Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Strategies
WHIST is one of the original Classic Card games, predating Bridge, Pinochle, Spades, Poker and Hearts. The last 50 years have seen the resurgence of many variations of the Whist - especially the Bid version with the use of Jokers.
Joe Andrews introduces players of all abilities to Whist. There is a focus on strategy and technique. The use of illustrative and instructive hands and quizzes will help to improve your skill level!

    You will learn to master:
  • Bidding
  • Play of the hand and defensive strategy
  • Proper discarding techniques
  • The finesse
  • The Complete Win at Whist also provides:
  • Illustrative hands and detailed strategic analysis
  • The official rules for over a dozen Whist variations
  • The complete history of Whist

Paperback: 138 pages: 2016