Three Notrump In Depth

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Author: August Boehm

Bridge writers often refer to 3NT as everyone's favorite contract. Probably you know players who love to leap to 3NT and sweep in the matchpoints when they steal the contract or collect valuable overtricks. Perhaps you're one of them. Having said that, many players carry the notion much too far, succumbing to the lure of 3NT even when the evidence suggests otherwise. Part I of this book will equip you with a variety of useful, easy-to-master bidding tools to help you and partner discover when to grab the 3NT brass ring, and, just as important, when to avoid it. Reaching good 3NT contracts doesn't confer an automatic bonusthere is that niggling rule about needing to make what you bid. So, Part II is dedicated to the play of 3NT. Since you are apt to defend 3NT twice as often as you declare (50% versus 25%), defensive counters are given full weight. The study of one topic in depth helps you better comprehend the totality of bridge. It's a classic approach: take a complex structure, break it down into parts, and closely examine the details. Your bidding will develop a smoother flow, your tactics will sharpen, and your card play will gain accuracy. You will win more.

March 2007

Paperback - 176 pages