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Author: Avon Wilsmore
This book looks at the actions of the "classic" Italian Blue Team, whose incredible run of victories include the World Championships of 1957-59, 1961-69, and 1972-75. Throughout that time, there were suspicions as to how these victories were achieved. To what extent were these suspicions justified?
The actions of administrators, in response to the problem of cheating over the last 60 years, is discussed in detail. Is it the case that an unofficial policy of "minimize the scandal" in the 1950s and 1960s led to the horrific facts uncovered by Boye Brogeland and others in 2015?
Extracts from the comments at the end of the book:
Bart Bramley: A page-turner...the most torough deal-by-deal examination ever done.
David Gold: ...a fascinating and compelling book...
Ron Klinger: ...a blistering indictment of the Italian Blue Team.
Anders Wirgren: ...you will find out why the Italians were so successful!
Paperback: 382 pages: 2018