Winning Notrump Leads

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Author: Taf Anthias and David Bird 

To discover which opening lead is best from a given West hand against a particular auction, the authors use computer software to generate 5000 deals that match the North-South bidding. (The West hand remains the same and the other three hands are chosen randomly.) The software then plays these deals automatically, seeing which of the 13 possible opening leads works best at both IMPs (rubber bridge/Chicago) and match-point pairs. By analysing the results, the authors pass on to the reader the secrets of finding the best lead against notrump contracts on a wide range of different auctions.

  • Chapter 1 ShouldI lead a major or a minor?
  • Chapter 2 Should I lead from my longest suit?
  • Chapter 3 Which card is best from this holding?
  • Chapter 4 Leading from a weak hand
  • Chapter 5 Leading after a Stayman sequence
  • Chapter 6 Leading after a transfer sequence
  • Chapter 7 Leading when they have bid two suits
  • Chapter 8 Leading against 1NT
  • Chapter 9 Leading when they have bid one suit
  • Chapter 10 Leading when partner has opened
  • Chapter 11 Leading after a limit raise
  • Chapter 12 Leading into a 2NT opening
  • Chapter 13 Leading against 6NT
  • Chapter 14 Methodology

Paperbook 202 pages: October 2011