Almost, The Only Bridge Book You Will Ever Need- Vol. 1

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"In Volume One, the author's drumbeat is to have fun while playing at the highest ethical standard. Convention preferences are straightforward and accurately pitched to the average tournament player." -The Bridge World

"A treasury of tips that will benefit any player." -Frank Stewart

This book "is unique. It is a distillation of Randy's vast experience as a player, as a frequent teacher and as someone whose knowledge of the literature of the game is unsurpassed. Randy has produced a treasury of tips &mdash useful, practical advice, written with sincerity and with a deep respect and affection for the game and its beauties &mdash that will benefit any player. My friend Randy Baron's book is a worthy addition to the literature of bridge..." -Frank Stewart
Invaluable advice including: - Useful habits to learn - How to improve your bidding system - Which conventions to play - Secrets to bidding, declarer play & defense

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Paperback: 256 pages: 2018