Beginning Bridge Complete

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Author: Michael Penick

Finally a sound, humorous five-card major book that anyone will enjoy reading. From teaching the rank of the suits to a sensible glossary of terms, here is a basic bridge book for beginners that is complete yet streamlined, solid but thoroughly understandable. It is suitable for self-teaching or for classroom use.

Paperback: 170 pages: 1985

    Chapters include:
  • Mechanics
  • Scoring
  • The Opening Bid
  • Other Opening Suit Bids
  • The Notrump Exception
  • Games and Slams
  • Responses To Opening Suit Bids
  • Responses To Opening Notrump Bids
  • Opener's Rebids
  • Doubles
  • Overcalls
  • Play Of The Hand
  • Defender's Play
  • Slam Bidding