Bridge Bidding Flashcards Level 2 by Marti Ronemus - Overcalls and Take-Out Doubles

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Brand New Double Deck of 100 Bidding Flashcards by Marti Ronemus
Use these flash cards to practice your bidding, Annoying The Opponents: Overcalls & Take-Out Doubles. For Level 2 Beginners.
2018 edition
Here's a note from the author:
It's so easy for the opponents to reach the right contract when we are silent throughout the auction. Well, we've had enough of that!! We are going to become the opponents' worst nightmare by interfering in the auction.

We are going to be downright annoying!

What's the best way to use these cards? Up to you! Use them to review your skills. Use them to learn NEW skills. Share them with your Pard. Deal them out and play them with your fellow bridge buddies. Use them like Trivial Pursuit cards. Use them in "drinking games." You'll figure out novel ways to get the most from them!
-Marti Ronemus