Bidding Flashcards- Level 1 + Level 2

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Double Deck of 100 Bidding Flashcards by Marti Ronemus
Use these flash cards to practice your basics bidding. This bundle includes both Level 1 & Level 2 decks.
"More Fun Than Grownups Should Have" Beginner Level 1 & "Annoying The Opponents: Overcalls & Take-Out Doubles" Beginner Level 2

Here's a note from the author:
Dear New Player,
Welcome to the rest of your life! Now that you're learning bridge, nothing else will do. Use these flash cards to practice your basics. They'll be even more valuable if you share them with your partners. It's perfectly alright to disagree with OUR answer as long as you and your Pard agree. Deal them out like hands of cards, use right answers to earn prizes (Cookies! Candy! Beverages!) and bragging rights. Be limited only by your imagination. You've heard that bridge is just a game, and while that's entirely UNtrue, it does remind us not to take all of this too seriously. Keep in mind that bridge is "More Fun than Grownups Should Have!"
-Marti Ronemus *Does not qualify for additional discounts.