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Two unique bridge tally software programs allow users to print their own customized progressive bridge tallies for two to ten tables.
Both copyrighted programs assign players, partners and opponents using our exclusive "random" generator while retaining the non-repetitive partner capability.
Capability is included to identify up to three players with limited mobility so that these players are assigned to one table for all seven rounds.
Because four tallies are printed per letter size sheet, the backside of each tally can be printed with special messages such as advertisements, scoring rules, humor, photos, etc. Printing can be accomplished with a computer printer or copy machine.
Additional Personalized Bridge Tally Information
The Personalized Bridge Tallies support more intimate groups where players names have been previously identified.
Most players like to see their names in print. This promotes a friendly and comfortable atmosphere and indicates the session host has gone out of his/her way to provide a more pleasurable bridge experience.
Up to seventy-eight names at a time may be stored in memory and selection of specific players or last minute substitutions for a session takes only seconds.
Additional Bridge Club Tally Information
These tallies support larger groups that meet regularly and the names of players may not be known until the last minute.
Score sheets are not included on the tallies. This allows the tallies to be used over and over again. Bridge clubs have been laminating the tally sets to increase their longevity.
Your bridge club name can easily be added to each tally (up to thirty-seven spaces).
A date/time identification is added to each tally for each random selection so that multiple sets of tallies (for the same number of tables) can't be inadvertently mixed.
A file (in Microsoft Excel format), that can be used to print scoring rules on the back of each tally, is included with the purchase of this program.
A file (in Microsoft Word format), containing a sample score sheet (front and back), is included with the purchase of this program. Some clubs have been taking the design to printers where they can purchase large quantities inexpensively.
Bonus Files Included With Tally Software
Both the Personalized Bridge Tally and Bridge Club Tally software programs come with a "backside" file in Microsoft Excel format. The file can be used to print bridge scoring rules on the back of each tally from either a computer printer or a copy machine.
The Bridge Club Tally software program comes with a score sheet file in Microsoft Word format. The file provides three score sheets (front &amp back) per letter size sheet. To save costs over the long run however, it would be best to take this design to a local printer where a large number of score sheets could be purchased at one time.

System Requirements: The software is written as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Visual Basic Application and does require that Microsoft Windows 98 or later, software works on both 32 &amp 64 bit Vista and also on Windows 7. Excel (95 or later)needs to be installed to run these programs.

Notice: The program will also work on Apple's Excel/Mac 2011