Coming Back to Bridge

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Has it been a long time since you played bridge?

Bridge is a game that people often decide to learn as empty-nesters. But perhaps you learned the game when you were younger -- and while you would like to start playing again, you are nervous about how much the game may have changed. There are new ways of bidding, new conventions, and other things to know before you feel confident about playing even with friends. For those who are "coming back to bridge", this book summarizes the key changes that someone who has not played for many years will encounter, and explains simply and clearly what you will need to know to be comfortable in the modern game.
Paul Goldfinger (Washington, USA) learned the game decades ago. When he started playing again in 2006, he quickly realized that he had a lot to learn. By reading dozens of bridge books and magazines, along with playing frequently, he's gone from being a novice to a Bridge Life Master.
2021; paperback; 112 pages