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Counting At Bridge does not try to play bridge it teaches bridge! This interactive software is like taking private lessons from World Champion Mike Lawrence. You are guided through 100 bridge hands, each filled with a wealth of information. You do not play these deals. Instead, you watch Mike Lawrence as he bids, plays and defends. As the bidding and play progress, Mike will explain the thinking process behind the decisions he makes and presents you with interactive quizzes to test your skills.

This product also presents many useful tips and suggestions relating to other aspects of bridge including: introduction to several bidding conventions, hand evaluation and the Law of Total Tricks, counting the hand on defense, discussion of the correct play of several card combinations, and introduction of more advanced play techniques including squeezes and endplays.

Counting At Bridge has been designed to make your learning experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. Everything on the screen is oversized to help those with vision problems. The user can customize the screen colors and various aspects of how bridge hands are displayed. It comes with a thorough manual and extensive online help. The program is so easy to use, however, that the documentation is almost unnecessary.
"If you're an aspiring player right on the edge of making a breakthrough, this program could help you take that big step forward. Your opponents won't like it, but your partners will be delighted." ---- ACBL Bulletin

"This computer program is truly a godsend. Our highest recommendation!"
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Operating System Requirements:&nbsp Windows 95 or better/ Vista 7 (32 and 64 bit), 3MB free hard disk space, CD-Rom drive. Old versions of Mike Lawrence CD-ROMs will not run properly under some versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7. If you have any problems you can follow this link to correct these problems.