Cuebids In A Nutshell

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Author: Dee Berry
Modern Concepts For Winning Bridge
This is Dee Berry's book for the advancing player. It will take you on a journey through the most frequently used cuebids to the more obscure. It covers the most important aspects of cuebidding.

  • Cuebids showing support for partner's overcall
  • Cuebids by advancer to takeout doubles
  • Cuebids looking for notrump contracts
  • Cuebidding toward slam
  • Cuebids by a negative doubler
  • Cuebids as Stayman
  • Conventional cuebids such as Michaels and singleton or void showing bids (Splinters)
  • Invisible Cuebids
  • Cuebiddings' new ideas, including Multi-cuebids
  • Last train Cuebids and the Serious 3NT
  • Jump Cuebids, and bids that sound like cuebids but aren't
  • Understanding the auction will help you make better decisions and it will clear up many areas of bidding

Spiral Bound 132 pages: 2008
Measures 6" x 4-1/4"