Slams Quick Reference Deck

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Everybody loves to bid and make a slam. The cards in this deck were designed to help you bid more makeable slams. The first step is for you and your partner to understand each bid and agree on how you are going to play it. Use these cards as a starting point to discuss the slam bidding agreements you want to add to your system. It will pay off in the end!




    • Keys to Good Slams
    • Three Types of Slam
    • Keeping Out of Trouble

Ace and King Asking

    • Standard Blackwood
    • Roman Keycard Blackwood
    • Void Responses to Blackwood
    • Kickback Roman Keycard
    • Minorwood Keycard
    • Minor Suit Keycard Options
    • Exclusion Blackwood
    • Preempt Keycard
    • Specific Kings
    • Gerber
    • Roman Gerber and Super Gerber
    • D0P1, DEPO and R0P1

Slam Bidding Tools

    • Control Showing Cuebids
    • Stayman Slam Bidding
    • Major Suit Transfers in Slam Bidding
    • Quantitative 4NT
    • Advanced Options Following Quantitative
    • 3♠ as a Minor Suit Slam Try after 2NT Opening
    • 5NT Pick a Slam
    • Serious or Non-serious 3NT
    • Last Train 24
    • Opponents Double a Control Bid
    • Opponents Interfere With Jacoby 2NT
    • Opponents Interfere With 2♣ Opening Bid
    • Forcing Pass
    • Lightner Double Against Slam
    • Bob’s Slam Rule