Power Tools Quick Reference Deck

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Table of Contents: 

No Trump Related 

Advanced Jacoby & Texas Transfers

Range Ask in Four Way Transfer

Show Club Stopper After Doubled Stayman

Major Suit Fragments

Negative Double over 1NT Interference

Transfer Advances after 2NT Overcall

Defense to Conventions Over 1NT 

Lebensohl Related 

Lebensohl Over 1NT Interference

Lebensohl after Double of Weak Two Bid

Lebensohl 2NT Over a Reverse

Competitive Bidding 

Meckwell in Various Situations

Mathe Defense against Precision Strong Club

Stopper Showing Defense to Michaels Cuebid

Defense Against Sandwich No Trump

Good Bad 2NT

Two Cuebids Available

Leaping Michaels

2♦ Michaels for the Majors

McCabe Adjunct Over Weak Two Bid Doubled

Major Suit Mixed Raise in Competition

Fit Showing Jump Shift

Advanced Topics 

Flannery and Defense Against Flannery

Mini Roman

Major Suit Raises with Spiral 2NT


Two Way New Minor Forcing

Splinters and the Splinter Rule

Third Suit Forcing

Kokish RelaySwedish Jacoby 2NT

Cards measure 4" x 6" Comes with a 1" ring so you can arrange the cards the way you want to arrange them.