Intermediate Quick Reference Deck

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The cards in this deck are designed to be easy guides to the most important points about bridge systems and conventions. They come with a ring in the package so you can make them your own. Sort the cards your own way, write on the cards and use the cards with your partners,
Table of contents:
1430 or 3014 (Roman Keycard) Blackwood
Bergan Raises
Cappelletti, DON'T & Meckwell
Cuebid Raises
D0P1, R0P1 & DEPO
Drury (Two-Way Reverse)
Forcing No Trump
Fourth Suit Forcing
Four-Suit Transfers
Game Try Bids
Gambling Three No Trump
Garbage Stayman
Inverted Minors
Jacoby Two No Trump
Jordan and BROMAD
Law of Total Tricks
Losing Trick Count
Lebensohl Relays
Negative Doubles
New Minor Forcing
Puppet Stayman
Sandwich No Trump
Smolen Transfers
Splinter Bids
Support Double and Redouble
Weak Jump Shift
Western Cuebid
Cards measure 4" x 6" Comes with a 1" ring so you can arrange the cards the way you want to arrange them.