Guidelines For A Great Game Quick Reference Deck

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The game of bridge is rich with rules, guidelines, adages, advice, and probabilities. Thirty-one of the most common of these are included in this special edition of the Quick Reference Decks.
Perhaps the most important rule of bridge is that no rule is unbreakable. Each of the guidelines we have been taught applies only in certain circumstances and the real wisdom lies in knowing when to break the so-called rules. In this deck, we try not only to explain the guidelines clearly, but also to advise you when they are appropriate and when they are not.
While it is tempting to arrange any set of numbered topics in numeric order, doing so doesn't help you understand the rule. Instead, we have broken the advice in this Deck into three categories: bidding, using calculations, and percentages, and playing. Of course, you can rearrange the cards in the deck in any order that you find comfortable.
Some of the guidelines, such as "always return your partner's lead," will be familiar to the newest of bridge players. Others, such as the "principle of restricted choice," are more commonly found in the toolkits of experienced players. Use these cards to review the rules you think you already know and to learn new tools. You'll be on the way to a great bridge game.
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