Matchpoint Defense

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Discover the strategic depths of bridge with Jim Priebe's "Matchpoint Defense" – the must-have follow-up to his insightful "Thinking on Defense." This 200-page paperback is a treasure trove for bridge players looking to elevate their game in pairs competitions. Priebe's expertise guides you through the nuances of matchpoint events, teaching you to visualize and anticipate the declarer's potential hands, and to tailor your defensive strategy accordingly. With clear explanations and practical examples, this book is an invaluable resource for those aiming to gain a competitive edge in matchpoint bridge. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, "Matchpoint Defense" is your playbook for success at the bridge table.

Jim Priebe (Toronto, Canada) is a retired business executive who now enjoys golf, bridge, and writing. An expert bridge player, he has represented Canada in world championship competition and is a former president of the Canadian Bridge Federation. As well as books on technical aspects of the game, Jim is author of a series of popular mysteries featuring bridge-playing detective Art Fraser.


2006; paperback; 200 pages

ISBN 978-1-897106-12-9