New - 2022 Convention Cards Form SS1 (100)

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The ACBL Convention Card has been redesigned. These are the new Convention cards approved by the ACBL for tournament games. 

Printed on both sides: Keep score on one side and your conventions on the other.


With the new Alert procedures implemented last year, it was time for the new convention card to be overhauled. 

Either convention card is acceptable for use.

What's New?

You will notice that each section is now separated with vertically shaded columns: Overview, Minors, Majors, Notrump, 2 Level, etc.

Rather than starting with notrump openings, the new card arranges opening bids in ascending order.

There are now separate areas for 1C and 1D opening bids. Those who treat these bids the same, opening the "better minor," don't need to fill out the minor sections twice; there is a check box which indicates "same as 1C"

The section on defensive carding methods has been greatly expanded with separate areas for leads against suits and no-trump carding and signals.

More room is given to explain general style for preempts and what is to be expected from a balanced opening bid.

The new Alert procedures have been incorporated with the same color coding: red = Alert, blue = Announce.

The new card contains many improvements designed to help opponents locate desired information efficiently and help partnerships with their own agreements. While it may seem like a lot of information - especially at first - it's perfectly fine to only fill out the areas that apply to your partnership.


1 unit = 100 sheets

10 units = 1000 sheets

50 units = 5000 sheets

The official convention card approved by the ACBL.

Printed on both side: Keep score on one side and your conventions on the other.

No discount on quantity of 5000, as you will receive a quantity discount.


Size: 8" x 8 1/2"


Rev July 2022