Better Bridge With Better Memory

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Author: Ron Klinger

Two distinct memory areas are involved in bridge. Your long-term memory which houses your bidding system, your knowledge of card combinations, opening leads, signals, declarer technique and defensive strategy. Your short-term memory handles the deal in progress: what happened during the bidding what was the lead the cards played which cards are high and so on. This book is designed to strengthen your long-term memory, both in regard to the conventions you use and the strategy recommended for the best results in the bidding, declarer play and defense. By the use of mnemonics, easily recalled phrases, catchwords and acronyms, you will be able to strengthen your long-term memory.


Chapter 1            Memory, Mnemonics & Bridge

Chapter 2            Conventions & Mnemonics

Chapter 3            10 Little Triggers for Bidding

Chapter 4            10 Little Triggers for Card Play

Chapter 5            Bidding Strategy

Chapter 6            Opening Lead Strategy

Chapter 7            Mnemonics for Declarer & Defenders

Chapter 8            Visualization, Imagery & Mnemonics

Paperback: 96 pages: 1998