Standard Yellow Card Booklet

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Booklet for the ACBL Standard Yellow Card

Form SP3

The ACBL Standard American Yellow Card (SAYC) was created to be the required system to be used in a Standard Yellow Card event. The object was to provide a simple, modern method that will lead to a good, solid understanding in a partnership when both players have read this booklet.

    Topics covered
  • Choices
  • General Approach
  • Responses and later bidding after a 15-17 1NT opening
  • Responses to a 2NT or 3NT opening
  • Responses and later bidding after a 1-heart or a 1-spade opening
  • Subsequent bidding by responder
  • Responses to 1-club or a 1-diamond opening
  • A 2-club opening, responses, and later bidding
  • Sequence after a weak two-bid of 2-diamond, 2-heart or 2-spade
  • Opening preempts
  • Slam bidding
  • Defensive bidding
  • Competitive bidding
  • Defensive leads and signals

    Paper booklet 8 pages: 2006