Surviving Duplicate Bridge

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Author: Kathleen Vishner

Bridge partnerships can be fun. We all know that. Of course, they can also be difficult, maddening, disappointing, and frustrating. We all know that, too. But when the players of these partnerships are also spouses well that's when things can get downright tricky and only some of us know that.

In this book, Kathleen Vishner shares with you the highs and lows of learning duplicate bridge while partnering with her ever-patient husband, Andy. Follow his attempts to teach her the game himself (not a good idea) and share the emotion that somehow escaped his notice when Kathy played her very first game.
Come on along and experience again for yourself the initial shock of a penalty double or the bewilderment at the sheer number of rules that can be unwittingly broken. Peek behind the scenes to see the workings of some fabulous bridge clubs, and get the inside scoop on what directors really think of "slow play."
And for you teachers out there, helpful "Hints" throughout the book will remind you of the beginner's mindset and suggest techniques to help students learn and become more comfortable with the game. Many illustrative bridge hands pinpoint typical areas of confusion and explain the reasoning behind the many misunderstandings of a less experienced player.
This book tells a delightful story, always punctuated with humor, and one that can be appreciated by bridge players of all experience levels. So take off your shoes, put up your feet, and enjoy the read.
Paperback: 100 pages: September 2011



  • How I got into this
  • How I met my partner
  • Major Issues
  • Learning How to Play
  • My First Game
  • Again
  • About the Springs
  • Moving On
  • Serious Players
  • The 49ers
  • Rebids and Forcing
  • New Beginning

&nbspPART II - FROM ZERO TO 23.69

  • Hiatus
  • New Partners
  • The Big Boys
  • From Infinite to Vast
  • Tournament Play
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Slow Play
  • The Ladies Bridge Group
  • Full Circle