The Contested Auction In Bridge

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Author: Roy Hughes

The Contested Auction in Bridge is the winner of the 2012 IBPA Book of the Year!
Canadian expert Roy Hughes's first book, Building a Bidding System, has become a must-read for expert pairs looking to develop effective constructive bidding methods. Now Hughes turns to the theory and practice of competitive auctions, a critical component of the modern game.
Beginning again by establishing what the bidding system needs to accomplish, Hughes goes on to discuss every type of contested auction, and recommends useful methods and agreements from which the reader can select. This is a state-of-the-art discussion, covering many topics in detail that have at best seen cursory treatment in print up to now.

Table of Contents:

  • The Nature of Contested Auctions
  • Towards a Complete Method
  • Intervening Against Opening Suit Bids
  • Problems of the Advancer
  • Competitive Problems of the Responder
  • Competitive Problems of the Opener
  • Low-Level Doubles - The Classic Approach
  • Low-Level Doubles - The Modern Alternative
  • Redoubles
  • Forcing Competitive Auctions
  • Non-Forcing Competitive Auctions
  • More on Intervening
  • Opening Preempts
  • The Effect of Artificial Bidding
  • Defending Against Nebulous Minors
  • Contention After Notrump Openings
  • Scrambling

Paperback: 336 pages: 2012