Winning Bridge Intangibles

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Authors: Mike Lawrence and Keith Hanson
Winning Bridge Intangibles shows you how to achieve the best results possible with the knowledge you already possess. This is volume 2 in The Blue Ribbon Series.
Table of Contents

  • Be a Good Partner
  • Show No Emotions When Dummy Appears
  • Detach Your Emotions from previous Hands
  • Think and Plan at Trick One
  • Bid and Play in an Even Tempo
  • Concentrate Properly
  • Protect Your Cards
  • Do Not Be Intimidated
  • Be a Tough Competitor
  • Act Decisively - Achieve a Reputation
  • The More Experienced Partner Should Adapt
  • Adhere to Your System
  • Be Selective in Using Conventions
  • Don't Catch the "New york Times" Syndrome
  • Do Not Lose Interest When Holding a Terrible Hand
  • Do Not Teach During a Session
  • Develop a Killer Instinct
  • Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Strive to Improve
  • Analyze Objectivity
  • Develop a Bridge Sense of Humor
  • Evaluate Your Contract
  • Be a Practical Player
  • Improve Your Bridge Etiquette
  • Putting It All to Work
  • Intangibles Behavior Checklist

Paperback: 57 pages: copyright 1985
ISBN-10: 0910791155
ISBN-13: 978-0910791151