Two Over One Workbook by the St Petersburg Bridge Club

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Two Over One Workbook by Dar Webb and Bob Vollbracht of the St Petersburg Bridge Club was designed from the ground up to help you learn and perfect your command of the Two Over One system.

The Workbook uses detailed hand examples to show you clearly what Two Over One is all about.  You’ll have basic hands to work with, plus examples of hands that aren’t quite so obvious. Each concept of Two Over One is covered, along with the conventions most commonly used by Two Over One players. 

With 30 full pages of hand examples, the new Workbook covers everything you need to know to play a complete Two Over One system. 

The new Workbook comes to you from Bob Vollbracht and Dar Webb, the team that has produced the best-selling Quick Reference Decks since 2015. The Quick Reference Decks are collections of 4" x 6” cards with a single concept or convention on each card. 

When Dar and Bob completed the most recent edition of the Two Over One Quick Reference Deck, it was obvious that more examples of hands would be helpful to bridge players who want to dig deeper. Bob’s solution: A companion to the deck that would have room for the examples that could never fit on a 4" x 6" card. The Workbook was born.

With both the Workbook and the Deck handy, you'll have everything you need to understand and review how Two Over One works. 

You can get both for just $21 when you buy them together. Just click a button below to make your choice. 

You Don't Have to be New to Two Over One to Benefit 

The new Two Over One Workbook isn't just for developing players.  According to top player Kim Dean, players at any level, even including Kim's level, can benefit from the cleanly and clearly stated review of Two Over One found in the Workbook.